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Is a wayfinding app for shopping so people can get in and out of the store and back to their lives.

Frame 6.png

Role: Product Designer/UX Researcher, User Testing, UX Designer

Team: Solo

Timeline: 10 weeks

Deliverables: MVP for a mobile app

Tools: Figma, Marvel, Pen and paper, After Effects.

Problem Space

Let me ask you a question?

How many times have you gone to a grocery store and end up with a cart full of stuff you dont need?

Supermarket Design is terrible, it’s made to keep people in the store longer so
they do more impulse buying.


I believe people are frustrated with the navigating grocery store aisles and want to be able to find items they need more efficiently.


Participants expressed how confusing the grocery store can be and how items never seem to be where you would think they should be.


Process and ideation work.png
Process and ideation work1.png
Process and ideation work2.png
Color Styles.png
User interface library.png

Next Steps

Look into leasing out a commercial version of the app for companies to track and find items in their warehouse.

Make a companion app for delivery drivers, so they can find their items quicker and cut down on lost time.

HMW improve the in-store physical retail experience for shoppers, in order to save them time and money, using mobile technology?

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