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A three day sprint done with Aeroplan.

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Role: Product Designer

Team: Amanda Growe, Beatriz Ignacio, Valerie Zarr, and me Chad Harms

Timeline: 3 Days

Deliverables: MVP for a mobile app

Tools: Figma, Marvel, Pen and paper.

Problem Space

Help people understand Aeroplan’s existing benefits and encourage meaningful brand engagement to find value with their points.


  • Gamifying works

  • People want rewards

  • People like earning points

Secondary Research

Only 30% of shoppers know how many loyalty points they’ve earned from their favourite brand.*

Photo by CardMapr on Unsplash

How might we encourage people to collect points on everyday purchases in order for them to be engaged Aeroplan members?

Interview Insights

Pain points

"I don't know if my points are still good"

"I dont really understand the value of the points"

"I want to know more about the benefits that you'd get for purchasing other items"


"If i have $500 worth of points, what can I get out of it?

"I go there anyway and there was no cost to become part of the program."

"It's the amount I like getting. Dollar discount on what I'm purchasing."

Copy of Aeroplan (10).jpg

Design Solution


Emphasizing where your points can take you and what you can achieve with them


Making everyday brands more visible with the Aeroplan app


Adding game mechanics to encourage you to return to the app and check off challenges

Key Learnings

Gamification was effective.

People need obvious feedback after completing steps.

People like to see a history of completed tasks.

Future Considerations

Clearer feedback for users.

More gamification including achievements.

Clearer UI for active and inactive steps.

A restructure of the challenge mechanics.

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