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Is a user generate travel app

Role: Product Designer

Team: Tyler Byron, Chad Harms.

Timeline: 10 weeks

Deliverables: MVP for a responsive website

Tools: Figma, Marvel, Pen, and paper.

Problem Space

Travel and tourism are a giant economic marketplace. As a vacationer, you want to get the most bang for your buck, while not missing out on any hidden adventures or amazing places to eat.

Secondary Research

Gen Z’s and Millennials are the highest spenders when they travel they spend around about $3,500 per trip and $60 a day.

90% of Gen Z say their international travel decisions are influenced by social media.

35% of millennials will stay in an upscale luxury resort and hotel.

72% of travelers plan on traveling over the next 12 months.

HMW  inspire people's travel dreams thru digital technology?

Interview Insights

Pain points

"What if I go to a place and do not get to see all the cool stuff"

"I want to get the most for my money"


"I want to share my trips and see what trips people are taking"

"I want to influence people into taking the same trips"

"I want to earn an income off my posts"


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Next Steps

Get "Guru's" to promote the brand

Build out the mobile version of the app

Work with airlines and hotels to get discounts for members

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